PAPADI and Fat Cats - a media soccer team
Johannesburg, 01 May 2006
Fat Cats Football Club has renewed contracts with Premier Foods and Papadi. Chairman Amos Mananyetso this week said the two major companies have renewed their contracts, with Papadi agreeing to settle the Cats' affiliation fees this season.
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Premier Foods is the multi-million company that produces premier people's brands such as Iwisa, Nyala maize meal and Snowflake and Papadi is a leading sports marketing company, and has been an integral part of the Cats family since the team's inception.

Premier Foods have committed to being the team's main sponsor. As a result, the new strip provided by Diadora will be reprinting to reflect this.

"We are very excited about Premier Foods renewing our contract," said Mananyetso.
"This will ease all our financial worries and make sure we remain the best team in the league".

Cats play in the Corporate Social League and are currently lying fourth in the 16-team league.
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